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Though there is no legal distinction, in general "blush wine" denotes a sweetness while "rose wine" indicates a dryness. In addition, there are a few different methods of production, but the best rose wine is made using the "saignee" or "bleeding" method, whereby the juice is permitted contact with the grape skin for a short time only, giving the wine a "blush" of color.

Most commonly sold during the summer months for patio sipping, don't forget that these wines are deliciously food-friendly and work well with a variety of aperitifs, fish, pork, or chicken dishes, as well as most vegetarian fare.

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  8. Yes Way Rosé

    NV / 250 ml. can | Item#92698

    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Grenache | All Grapes: Grenache



    Organic: Organically farmed

    This item cannot be shipped. It's available for local delivery and in-store pickup only

    Not Shippable. Western New York Local Delivery and In-Store Pickup only. Learn More Sorry, this item is not available for shipment outside of the Western New York area. Either the bottle is too large for our packaging (i.e. we cannot ship anything larger than 750 ml), the dimensions/shape of the bottle doesn't fit within our packaging for safe shipment, or this is a widely-distributed wine (e.g. Barefoot, Yellow Tail, etc) which we only sell at our physical store or for in-store pickup.


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  9. Côté Mas Rosé Aurore

    2020 / 1.0 L. | Item#82982

    WE8888 pts. - Wine Enthusiast - 11/1/2021
    Light salmon in color, delicate cherry and strawberry aromas waft from the glass with just a hint of subtle firm peachiness. The palate is light and refreshing, with good acidity that carries through to the mouthwatering finish and final flavors of ripe, sweet citrus, tart raspberry and a touch of cherry.
    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Grenache | All Grapes: 50% Grenache Noir

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  15. Summer Water Rosé

    2021 / 750 ml. | Item#92614

    WE9191 pts. - Wine Enthusiast - 8/1/2022
    It’s quite impressive that this wine stays fresh and vibrant even though it’s a rather large production, available nationwide. Fresh and crisp aromas of melon, pink rose petal, citrus peel and strawberry pop on the nose, while the palate picks up a lightly rocky minerality before fresh citrus cuts into emergent stone fruit flavors on the finish.
    Wine Grapes

    Primary Grape: Grenache | All Grapes: Grenache

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