1. Barbecuing, Premier Style!

    The Best Barbecue Wine Pairings

    Ahh summer! Between the bugs and the heat, it's never been MY favorite season, with one exception: delicious, delicious barbecue! Naturally, beer is a perfect pairing, as well as sangria, margaritas or any lively, fruity cocktail, but did you know there is a plethora of fabulous wines that compliment BBQ dishes as well?

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  2. Mac 'n' Cheese: Fun Twists on an American Classic

    Mac and Cheese Wine Pairings

    When you cook as much as I do, you're always looking for fun and funky ways to update traditional dishes, and the best part about making mac 'n' cheese is that you can add almost any ingredient to the basic recipe and transform it into something completely new. The question is, what to pair? Below are a few yummy options for sprucing up your basic mac, and tips on selecting wines to serve with them:

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