pinot noir

  1. Pinot Pairings

    Pinot Noir Pairings

    The Pinot Noir grape is a very delicate and challenging grape to grow, but so worth it when it is done well! It is one of the most sought after and renowned wines produced in the Burgundy region of France. Pinot Noirs are now grown in cooler climates in many other parts of the world: New Zealand, Australia, Oregon,

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  2. Top 5 Alternatives to Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir Alternatives

    Pinot is a red that is almost universally loved by wine drinkers from all walks of life. It's light, fruit-forward and low in tannin. However, like anything that becomes popular, there is a an upcharge for familiarity that makes many of the best Pinots more expensive than they should be.

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  3. Pinot Noir: Oregon

    Oregon Pinot Noirs

    Pinot Noir is such a finicky grape. It does best in cooler climates, such as Burgundy (Old World) and Oregon (New World). Damp and green, Oregon is the home of the craftsman winemaker, with small, personally-managed, often estate vineyards, many of which are organic or sustainable.

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  4. Pinot Noir: Argentina

    Argentine Pinot Noirs

    So when you think of Pinot Noir, I bet it's California, Oregon, and, of course, France. But there are some other places out there that are making great's just that we don't think of them. So let's take a look at one of the more popular wine countries: Argentina.

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  5. Pinot Noir: New York

    New York Pinot Noirs

    Finding that perfect bottle of New York State Pinot Noir may be a trying experience, but when you find the right one, you’ll be in love. Our cool, humid climate here isn’t ideal for growing the “heartbreaker grape” as it has been nicknamed by farmers and winemakers. The flavor and quality of the grape itself and the wine throughout the winemaking process varies from perfect to a little too earthy, and the body of the wine can vary greatly with little effort by the winemaker.

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  6. Pinot Noir: Burgundy

    Burgundy Pinot Noirs

    Pinot Noir's classic home is the Burgundy region of northeastern France, where it has produced some of the finest quality red wines since the early Middle Ages.

    Bourgogne Rouge is the most basic of Burgundian Pinots. These are often produced from grapes grown in sunnier, flat vineyards and tend toward the brighter, more fruit-forward style favored by the American palate.

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  7. 4 Amazing California Pinot Noirs

    California Pinot Noirs

    California Pinot Noirs offer something for every taste, running the gamut from Burgundian pungent, cool, minerality, to soft, super-ripe and chocolatey-sweet. Pinot Noir is one of the most tantalizing yet temperamental varietals. It needs constant attention and maintenance, and I suppose that's part of the appeal. Though a cool weather varietal, Pinot Noir can be found throughout California. However, the best are typically from Carneros, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma.

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  8. Pinot Noir: At a Glance

    Pinot Noir at a Glance

    "Pinot Noir Around the World" Weekend is February 28-March 1, 2014, so we thought we do a set of features on this most-celebrated wine grape leading up to the big event. Over the next few days, we'll have a bunch of posts about Pinot Noir, starting right here with "Pinot Noir: At a Glance."

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