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  1. What To Know About Dry Red Wine for Cooking

    What To Know About Dry Red Wine for Cooking

    If you’re preparing a recipe that calls for adding a dry red wine, it can feel challenging to know the best red wine to cook with. Never fear! Choosing the right dry red wine for cooking isn’t difficult if you remember a few basic rules.

    Choosing a Dry Red Wine for Cooking

    The first thing to remember is to never, ever buy the “cooking wine” that’s sold in grocery stores. True, they’re inexpensive, but they’re also nothing more than a blend of inferior wines and added salt that comprises a one-way ticket to a ruined dinner. What’s more, don’t use leftover wine that’s been uncorked and past its prime drinking time. The standard rule states that if you wouldn’t drink it, you shouldn’t cook with it.

    When using dry red wine for cooking, it’s important to remember that as an ingredient, wine conveys all of its flavors, body, and acidity to the dish. While its subtleties may not be as pronounced,

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  2. Choosing the Best White Wine to Cook With

    Choosing the Best White Wine to Cook With

    There are so many recipes that call for dry white wine for cooking. If you think about some of your favorite pasta sauce, chicken, and soup dinners, many suggest using one of many types of white cooking wine to bring out the natural flavors of the food. We’ll look at some of the different dry white wines for cooking and factors that may help you determine which is best for your needs. 

    Why is Dry White Wine Best for Cooking? 

    When looking at different recipes that call for wine, using a dry white wine is usually preferred. There are many kinds of white wine, but the most versatile is a crisp, dry white wine. There are several reasons for this. Oaky white wines may turn bitter when cooked, and sweet white wines tend to carmelize when deglazing a pan. 

    Wine -- like other ingredients -- transforms when cooked. As it mingles with the other ingredients and flavors, the subtle nuances of its flavor may blend with others. For this reason, it’s appropriate to

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