What are the Best Dessert Wines?

Whether you're organizing a special celebration, bringing a gift to a friend, or planning your own special evening at home, a sweet dessert wine will provide an excellent finish to the evening.

Therefore, our connoisseurs have hand-selected the world's best sweet wines that will be appreciated by both beginners and wine enthusiasts alike.

This list has something for everyone, from crisp ice wines featuring flavors of lemon and honey to bold vint port wines of deep chocolate woodland flavors.

Best Sweet Wines

If you’re craving an exotic sweet wine to finish a satisfying meal, here are a few of the best dessert wines from our wine connoisseurs.

Sandeman 20 Year Tawny Port

This Port wine offers a unique blend of vanilla, spices, honey, nuts, and dried apricots to produce a pleasantly sweet and rare flavor. As a classic port wine, it was produced by distilled grape spirits harvested from the northern provinces of Portugal in Douro Valley. It's originally a deep ruby red and later turns amber with maturity.

The Sandeman 20 Year Tawny Port pairs well with desserts like crème brûlée or Tarte Tatin, though if you opt for a lighter dessert, it also pairs well with a variety of dried fruits.

Peller 17 Riesling Ice Wine

This crisp Riesling ice wine is the perfect addition to any fruit-based desserts or a salty appetizer. You'll enjoy a range of sweet fruit flavors from lemon and melon to mango and papaya. As a traditional Riesling ice wine, it is made from frozen grapes that help heighten the flavor's sweetness.

Inniskillin 17 Riesling Ice Wine

This Riesling ice wine is a good classic dessert wine offering a variety of citrus aromas with a concentrated flavor of peach and apricot. As an ice wine, it offers a lively blend of crisp and lively acidity that pairs well with baked apples, seared scallops with apple celery slaw, or aged cheddar cheese. This wine is best when served chilled.

Schmitt Sohne 16 Eiswein

Yet another ice wine, the Schmitt Sohne 16 is a good example of a sweet white wine that offers a perfect blend of acidity and charming approachability. You'll enjoy a balanced taste of apple, honey, pears, peach, and apricot while enjoying aromas of rose petal, violet, orange peel, flint, and more.

Taylor Fladgate 16 Vint Port

The Taylor Fladgate 16 Vint Port is essential for your dessert menu. This full-bodied wine offers an intense variety of woodland fruits and has a strong raspberry accent. You'll also experience exotic notes of jasmine and other herbal touches as it climbs to a long and energized finish. This wine pairs well with dark chocolate or with dried fruits and nuts.

Quinta Do Noval 16 Vint Port

This dessert wine is a classic energetic and bold red wine, with a bustling edge that creates a deeply satisfying finish. It has a soft texture and a fine long finish with accents of crushed berry, and chocolate, and dark cherries. This well-balanced wine is best served slightly chilled and pairs well with fine dark chocolate.

Final Thoughts

These wines are sure to delight even the most experienced guests and can be served with desserts or alone. If you're still unsure what kind of wine you should choose, you're always welcome to discuss it with our experts at (716) 873-6688.