White wine with turkey

Choosing a wine can be an overwhelming task with so many delicious flavors, and pairing them with a meal is another challenge.

In addition, you may need to consider the side dishes you serve with the wine and the guests that will be joining you. Therefore, if you’re in a pinch to choose the perfect turkey and wine pairing, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red wine or a soft white wine, this list will please even the pickiest of palates and blend harmoniously with your turkey dinner. Try a few different ones, as we’re sure you’ll find your new favorite below!

Best Wine and Turkey Pairings

Angels Landing Pinot Noir

The Angels Landing Pinot Noir is a dark plum color and hails from Sonoma County California. You’ll experience a hint of nutmeg and allspice in this Pinot Noir, and the taste becomes increasingly sweeter with every sip. When poured freshly, this wine tends to have more sweetness and even a jammy fruit quality that isn’t noticeable if it has had time to breathe.

Enjoy its supple tannins with dark or white turkey and savor its medium to long finish.

The subtle sweetness of this wine makes it an ideal choice to pair with virtually any turkey.

Jadot Beaujolais Village

This is another great pick for those that can’t get enough of red wines. The Jadot Beaujolais is a relatively light-bodied wine with a smooth, satisfying taste. It’s a fairly dry wine, though it has an ideal level of acidity to provide a balanced taste that will pair perfectly with a turkey dinner.

This beloved red wine also pairs magically with chocolate to polish off a satisfying meal.

Try out this top-rated wine for your next celebration or holiday dinner.

Laville Pavillon White Bordeaux

For those who prefer a louder white wine with bold flavor, consider the Laville Pavillon White Bordeaux. This is one of the most in-demand French wines, and it will pair perfectly with any of your appetizers.

You can also enjoy this dry wine alongside sweeter side dishes such as cranberry sauce or cranberry stuffing, and it can pair with any turkey style.

Try it today, and thank us later!

Baus Zinfandel

The Zinfandel wine is a classic Thanksgiving staple, and the Baus Zinfandel is one of the very best. The aromas of berry preserves, cranberry, spiced peaches, and other exotic flavors make it an ideal pairing for your turkey dinner.

This medium-bodied, ruby red wine offers a juicy freshness that will leave your guests satisfied with a long, strong finish. Give it a try, and we're sure that this wine's jammy character will quickly make it your go-to choice for any poultry dinner.

La Perliere Bourgongne Pinot Noir

Yet another Pinot Noir that will not disappoint, the La Perliere Bourgogne is the perfect classic French to complete your turkey dinner.

The crisp acidity of this wine accentuates the juice of the turkey and creates an irresistible combination.

You'll enjoy notes of cranberry, cherry, raspberry, baking spice, and other holiday flavors that will please your palate and compliment the holiday festivities. Enjoy this medium body red wine with other side dishes like a creamy casserole.

Novellum Chardonnay

If you're craving a full-bodied wine, The Novellum Chardonnay is an ideal selection. It is made from Chardonnay grapes and aged in oak before being bottled and served. Therefore, you'll enjoy various oaky flavors along with notes of apricot and peach in this rich yet well-balanced wine.

The Novellum is yet another celebrated French wine, and this list wouldn't be complete without it. The fine balance of acidity makes it an ideal wine for white meat like turkey and any creamy side dishes you choose to serve.

Château Bonnet Juliénas Vieilles Vignes

The Château Bonnet Juliénas Vieilles Vignes is a deep ruby red wine that pairs well with slow-cooked meals, including turkey. You'll taste a variety of pleasing flavors like blackberry and cranberry, though it's most appreciated by those who enjoy bolder wines.

TheChâteau Bonnet Juliénas Vieilles Vignes tastes even fruitier than a Pinot Noir, so you can expect a strong flavor that will harmonize well with side dishes like cranberry sauce, various squashes, pecan flavors, and more.

Its high acidity and low tannin also make it a great wine for turkey and can also be enjoyed alone.

If you prefer something smoother, you can purchase an older Bourgogne Gamay as the tannins tend to soften over time.

Trimbach Gewurztraminer

For those that want a more interesting wine, the Trimbach Gewurztraminer is a must-try. This wine has a low acidity though it's also quite sweet, making it an interesting wine to pair with various dishes. It tends to harmonize well with flavored pumpkin dishes as well as apple-based desserts like apple pie.

Therefore, it's an ideal pairing for numerous side dishes that go along with the turkey. As for your turkey, consider pairing it with a sage-rubbed turkey or sweet-and-spicy roast, as these tend to prevent the turkey itself from being overpowered by the wine.

Sparr Riesling

The Sparr Riesling is a fairly dry white wine, though it's balanced with high acidity, making it an easy wine to pair with various entrees, including turkey. Opening the bottle, you'll experience lemon peel and green apple aromas that make it an appealing option for those that enjoy elegant wines. Its mineral character adds dimension to the palate, which blends harmoniously with its citrus layers.

Made in the Pierre Sparr winery in Alsace, France, this riesling is sure to please everyone at the dinner table.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or planning a special occasion, these wine and turkey pairings are sure to be a hit. Consider trying a few different wines to find your favorite and experiment with various side dishes and turkey cooking techniques. If you’re still struggling to select the perfect wine to pair with turkey, don’t hesitate to reach out to our connoisseurs for expert guidance.