moscato wine pouring into a glass

Moscato wines tend to be polarizing in the wine community, adored by some and ignored by others. They’re sweet, fragrant, and have a fascinating history that’s perfect for reading about over a glass of—you guessed it—Moscato. Join us as we deep dive into all things sparkling Moscato. 

What is Moscato Sparkling Wine? 

Sparkling Moscato is one of the five primary types of Moscato. As the name suggests, Sparkling Moscato is bubbly and effervescent, layered in fruity overtones followed by a more subtle mineral finish. Sparkling Moscato The Italian wines of Moscato d’Asti (semi-sparkling) and Asti Spumante (sparkling) are two of the most prestigious examples of sparkling Moscato. Both Italian versions have Italy’s highest DOCG classification and have a protected guarantee of origin. For those seeking a top-of-the-line sparkling Moscato, we recommend Moscato d’Asti. Heralding from the Piedmont Appellation of Italy, it carries the highest DOCG classification with good reason and is well worth trying. 

What is Sparkling Moscato Made From? 

Moscato is made of Muscat grapes. Muscat Grapes are an exceptionally old varietal, and there are now more than 200 different varieties, though two of the most common are Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat grapes originated in Italy, but they have long since moved around the world and adopted other names. In Spain, you might hear Moscatel. In Germany, Muskateller. While the name might vary, a Moscato by any other name still tastes just as sweet! 

Moscato Wine History 

While the modern versions of sparkling Moscato that we know and adore didn’t form until much more recently, Moscato wines were extremely popular during the medieval period. At the time, they were called musquè. This wine’s success is largely due to a local decree in Italy at the time that limited all importation to favor local production. Since this time, Moscato has only grown in popularity. 

What Does Sparkling Moscato Taste Like? 

Sparkling Moscato is considered a sweet wine, brimming with fruit and floral notes. Common comparisons include pear, citrus, peach, and orange blossom. It’s a relatively acidic wine that is generally very light in alcohol content (5.5% ABV, approximately). 

How to Serve Sparkling Moscato

Sparkling Moscato is best served cold—quite cold, by wine standards. Around 40 degrees Fahrenheit might be the magic number, as the chill helps to soften the intense fruit flavors while keeping the bubbles light and crisp. As far as a glass to serve it in, we recommend using a champagne-style flute. The reduced surface area helps retain carbonation, ensuring that your effervescent wine stays effervescent a little bit longer. 

Sparkling Moscato Food Pairings 

Sparkling Moscato is flavorful wine, giving it the backbone required to pair nicely with succulent foods. Asian food is an excellent example, including Thai and Korean cuisine. But this is just one option of many. Chicken, turkey, BBQ pork, and fish can all pair beautifully with Sparkling Moscato. There’s no seasoning too bold, and there is no reason to shy away from any of your favorites, whether cinnamon, ginger, jalapeno, or mint. If looking to pair with a cheese option, we recommend a firm cheese with plenty of aroma of its own. Gouda, Cheddar, and Gruyere are three great options. 

The Best Sparkling Moscato 

If all this reading about sparkling Moscato has you dying to try a glass, look no further. We’ve highlighted our very favorite Sparkling Moscato right here. The 2021 Saracco Moscato d’Asti is a combination of Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and Muscat Canelli and heralds from Piedmont, Italy (Which we highly recommended earlier, if you remember.) This Sparkling Moscato brings forth intense aromas of spring blossoms, peach, rosemary, and sage. It’s sweet yet balanced and not overpowering. It’s the perfect wine for fans of Sparkling Moscatos. 

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