Irish and Italian Cocktails

March is the month where everybody is either Irish or Italian. You've got St Paddy's day (actually we Irish celebrate that day all week), and then a few days later you have St Joseph's day. So besides the standard green beer and whiskey on St. Patrick's Day, and wine on St. Joe's, maybe change things up a bit and make a fun cocktail.

So Irish coffee is the most popular but you can make it a few different ways. One way is mix an Irish Cream and a little bit of whiskey right into your coffee: a great way to start your day or end your meal. I've also had it where the coffee beans were roasted in the whiskey and then the coffee was topped off with whipped Irish Cream.

Then there is the Irish Car Bomb. It's going to be a fun night when this drink shows up. Its a twist on the Boilermaker- a 1/2 shot of Irish Whiskey and 1/2 shot of Irish Cream, dropped into a half pint of Guinness, then drank immediately.

One that's real easy to make and tastes really delicious is just pouring an Irish whiskey into a glass and topping it off with some ginger ale. But the easiest thing is just pour a shot of Irish Whiskey and throw it back, and chase it with a beer.

Growing up in North Buffalo, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of people with Italian heritage who invited me to their tables. Wine and Sambuca were all over the place but maybe this year for your St. Joseph's Table why not add a fun cocktail to all the great food and wine? One of them is the Sicilian Kiss which is enough; just some Southern Comfort and Amaretto and chill. This can be done as a shot as well as a drink. Another one could be the Italian Delight: Amaretto, OJ, and cream garnished with a cherry; sweet and creamy and tasty.

So change up your March holidays and make a new fun cocktail.