Wine and Food Pairings

  1. The Most Pleasing Pair—Chocolate and Wine

    chocolate and wine pairing

    Whether you want to create a special gift basket or you’re planning on hosting a tasting party, choosing the right wine to go with the right chocolate is key. If done correctly, the pairing will enhance the flavors and sensations of the wine and the chocolate, allowing you to experience both in a completely new way.

    Chocolate and Wine Pairings

    A good rule of thumb for chocolate and wine pairing is to match the sweetness of the wine with the chocolate. Lighter chocolate is typically sweeter, while sweet wines are usually ripe with fruit-forward flavors.  If the sweetness level is mismatched, your wine will taste sour.

    White Chocolate

    White chocolate’s buttery, creaminess is an ideal match with sweeter dessert wines. Serve a white chocolate mousse with a sweet (not dry) Riesling, white chocolate fud

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  2. What Wine Goes With Lamb?

    What Wine Goes With Lamb?

    Whether you’re cooking up a rack of lamb or preparing a hearty lamb stew, you’ll want the perfect wine to pair with your meal. Because the flavor of lamb can be described as robust, you’ll want to be very intentional about choosing the very best wine to serve with lamb.

    Best Wine With Lamb

    The ideal lamb wine pairing is influenced by several factors, including the origin of the lamb itself. Lamb from Australia or New Zealand has a gamey flavor, while the taste of lamb from the U.S. is milder. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the ingredients you’re using in your dish to find the wine that will enhance your culinary experience.

    Red Wine With Lamb

    Full-bodied red wines pair particularly well with lamb. However, you want to be cautious and not choose a robust wine that will overpower the flavors of the lamb. For young lamb that’s served pink, Pinot Noir is an excellen

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  3. Food and Wine Pairings: What Goes Best With Moscato Wine?

    Food and Wine Pairings: What Goes Best With Moscato Wine?

    If you love Moscato wine, you already know that Moscato wine pairs with just about anything. From soup to nuts, entrees to desserts, the sweet notes of the wine complement whatever you’re serving. 

    What Is Moscato Wine?

    Moscato is a sweet, white wine that comes from the Muscat grape. Italy is the top producer of the wine, making their semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Moscato using Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grapes grown in the Piedmont region. 

    While the varietal has long been considered one of the best dessert wines, the delicate flavors of Moscato lend themselves well to a variety of foods. Hints of orange blossom and peach combine with flavors of mandarin orange, sweet lemon, pear, and honeysuckle. 

    What Food Pairs Well With Moscato Wine?

    Moscato wine fanatics fully appreciate that there are a variety of Moscato wine types, ea

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  4. How to Select the Best Wine for Cheeses

    Wine and cheese

    Wine and cheese pairings are iconic. There is just something extraordinary about combining the flavors of aged cheese and a great glass of wine. Many people know that wine and cheese are a famous couple, but knowing where to begin can be challenging. A simple guideline to keep in mind when matching wines and cheese is that you should try and pair bold flavors with other bold flavors.

    If you’re sampling a hard, aged cheese with a challenging rind, you probably shouldn’t pair that with a subtle and easily overpowered wine. Bold flavored cheeses should be paired with bold flavored wines. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the wide world of wines and cheeses or looking for new roads to travel, here is a look at some great wine and cheese pairings to explore.

    Hard Cheeses

    The flavor of hard cheese is typically classified as sharp. These chees

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  5. The Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

    wine and pizza pairing

    Pizza may seem like it is a reasonably straightforward meal consisting of bread, sauce, and cheese. However, variations in the flavor profile of a pizza can affect the wine that would best accompany the dish. When choosing a wine that pairs with pizza, people tend to reach for hearty reds. This would be a good choice for classic pizzas, but what about lighter pizzas such as a white or Margherita style pizza?

    To help you find the wine that will pair with your pizza appropriately, it is best to break down pizzas into categories. This way, we can identify the wines that would be best suited to accompany the ingredients most commonly used to make these recipes.

    Margherita Pizzas

    Margherita pizzas are all about basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. It is a simple recipe, but the flavor that results from these three ingredients is spectacular. A Margherita pizza is typically lighter than a traditional pizza; it is not uncommon for them to be served on a thin crust or flatbread.

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  6. Chardonnay Wines | Tasting Notes, Food Pairings and More

    Chardonnay Wine

    Chardonnay is a wildly popular wine in the United States and has been the nation’s leading varietal wine for the last decade

    While originally produced in France, it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to discover this gem, and chardonnay quickly became one of the most popular wines in the world.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a wine connoisseur, the complexity and compelling characteristics of chardonnay wine will likely win you over. Here’s a little background on this famous wine and how to choose the best one for your palate.

    Why is Chardonnay So Popular?

    Chardonnay is perhaps the most popular wine in the world for a variety of reasons. First, the chardon

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  7. The Best Salmon and Wine Pairings

    Salmon and wine

    For being such a versatile fish, you’d think coming up with the perfect wine to pair with salmon would be easy, but it’s actually this versatility that can make it a challenge. What wines pair best with grilled salmon? What wine should be served with lemon-crusted salmon? Are you having dinner with salmon and a crisp green vegetable like asparagus, or pairing wine with smoked salmon and cream cheese for a weekend brunch?

    With a nearly limitless array of cooking methods and flavor profiles, it’s often not as simple as choosing between a red or a white. 

    Focusing on a few tried and true preparations, we're taking the guesswork out of it to help find your perfect wine for pairing with salmon.

    Smoked Salmon Pairings

    If you’re planning to indulge in a classic dish like Lox (commonly served on a bagel with tangy cream cheese, salty capers, onions, and tomatoes), your salmon wine pairing might look a lot different than that of someone twirling noodles on a pl

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  8. The Best Wines That Pair With Turkey

    White wine with turkey

    Choosing a wine can be an overwhelming task with so many delicious flavors, and pairing them with a meal is another challenge.

    In addition, you may need to consider the side dishes you serve with the wine and the guests that will be joining you. Therefore, if you’re in a pinch to choose the perfect turkey and wine pairing, we’ve got you covered.

    Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red wine or a soft white wine, this list will please even the pickiest of palates and blend harmoniously with your turkey dinner. Try a few different ones, as we’re sure you’ll find your new favorite below!

    Best Wine and Turkey Pairings

    Angels Landing Pinot Noir

    The Angels Landing Pinot Noir is a dark plum color and hails from Sonoma County California. You’ll experience a hint of nutmeg and allspice in this Pinot Noir, and the taste becomes increasingly sweeter w

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  9. Steak and Wine Pairing: What Wine Goes With Steak?


    A luxury steak dinner simply isn't complete without a quality wine.

    However, selecting the perfect steak and wine pairing can be overwhelming with so many different options. For example, you have to account for your own taste preferences, the type of steak you choose, and how you plan to cook it.

    This guide will give you all the answers you need to select the best steak and wine pairing.

    General Rules of Steak and Wine Pairing

    Before we dive into each wine, there are a few basic rules to help guide your decision.

    First, red wines tend to pair better with steaks than white wines. This is mainly because red wines tend to have higher tannins than white wines, which helps release the steak's flavor by dissolving the fat. However, there are some exceptions. For example, chardonnays also have relatively high tannins.

    In addition to choosing a wine with high tannins, choosing one with a slightly higher alcohol concentration will also add to the

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  10. Choosing The Best Christmas Wine - Advice From Experts

    Best Christmas Wine

    Selecting the perfect Christmas wine can be overwhelming, especially if you have guests coming. In addition, choosing the ideal wine depends on the kind of meal you plan to serve or if you prefer to serve wine alone.

    Therefore, we boiled it down to five different wine groups that are popular worldwide and have a festive hint that pairs well with Christmas feasts.

    Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir is one of the very best wines to compliment your Christmas dinner as it’s relatively high acidity and low tannins make it easy to pair with a variety of different foods, including a Christmas ham or turkey. If you’re planning on celebrating with a ham, consider a smoked or baked ham with your Pinot Noir as the salty flavor of the ham blends well with the earthy tones of the wine.

     In addition, its bold red color, cranberry aroma, and vanilla spice make it a Christmas classic and is destined to be a hit with everyone at the table. You can enjoy your Pinot Noir during din

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