Red Wine

  1. Sparkling Wine Guide | The Different Types of Sparkling Wine

    Sparkling Wine

    When it's time to celebrate, it's a near-unquestioned tradition to bust out the sparkling wine. A unique blend of carbonated wine available in a wide variety of flavors and forms, sparkling wine can be made using several different techniques. The most common involves subjecting it to a second fermentation process that induces carbonation by adding yeast and sugar to the wine after it's bottled. 

    According to Wine Magthis is known as the méthode traditionelle. Other techniques for making sparkling wine include:

    • The Charmat method, which uses a large pressurized tank to induce secondary fermentation. 
    • The Ancestral method, which sees the wine bottled before it's completed its first fermentation; if done incorrectly, this can cause the bottle to explode. 
    • Direct carbonation, which injects CO2 into the wine during the bottling process.
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  2. The Ultimate Pinot Noir Wine Guide

    Bottles of wine on a barrel

    When someone unfamiliar with the industry thinks of wine, they're probably thinking about Pinot Noir. Simultaneously one of the most prolific wines and among the more difficult to produce, the wine's history spans roughly an entire millennium. Pinot Noir wines today are more or less synonymous with luxury, as high-end vintages sport some of the highest prices in the wine industry.

    Reputation and branding aside, what exactly defines Pinot Noir? Where does it originate, and how is it made? How does it taste, and how is it served? 

    And most importantly of all, how and where can you buy the best Pinot Noir wine for your needs? 

    What is Pinot Noir?

    Made from the black-skinned Pinot Noir grape, Pinot Noir is one of the most popular red wines in the world. Prized by aficionados for its quality, and balance, the wine is also a key component in champagne

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  3. A Comprehensive List of the Best Wine-Related Housewarming Gifts

    wine bottles

    So, a wine lover in your life has recently moved into a new home, and you're stuck on what to get them. Not to worry—we can help. Whether you're bringing a present to a housewarming party or simply showing up to wish someone well, here are seven of the best wine-related housewarming gifts you can give. 

    A Wine Rack

    Every wine aficionado needs a place to store their prized bottles. And if the new home comes with a built-in wine cellar, all the better. 

    The good news here is that there are a ton of different choices where wine racks are concerned. If you're on a tight budget, you could get something simple like the AmazonBasics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack ($18). On the other hand, if you want to splurge a bit, there's this combination w

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  4. The 7 Best Wines for Valentine's Day

    red rose

    Whether you're enjoying a romantic meal with a special someone or celebrating your freedom solo, nothing goes with Valentine's Day quite so well as a nice bottle of wine. That's why we've put together a list of some great wines for lovebirds and singles alike. We've done our best to make the list as diverse and varied as possible, too, so with any luck, there'll be something for everyone, no matter their preferences.

    With that in mind, here are the seven best wines for Valentine's Day 2023. 

    The Best Red Wine for Valentine’s Day

    For our premier red wine, we've selected the Renieri brunello di Montalcino. Available at a retail price of $90, this 2016 vintage hails from the Tuscany region and has been praised for being fruit-forward with hints of mulled apples, strawberries, and herbal tones. It's a bit sweeter than your usual red, too, which m

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  5. 16 of the Best Wines from Washington State

    Washington Winery

    It may not be quite as famous as Napa Valley or Sonoma, but Washington State is among the top winemaking regions in the world. It's a unique winemaking region due to the location of its vineyards, which span from the Cascade mountains in the west to Columbia Valley in the east. There are very few wineries in this region—instead, grapes are typically transported up to 200 miles to a series of small wineries peppered throughout Washington State. 

    What Kind of Wines Come from Washington? 

    Washington State consists of multiple terroirs, allowing the region to produce a diverse selection of different wines. Although best known for its Rieslings, the region also produces ChardonnayCabernet S

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  6. A Guide to 8 of the Most Popular Italian Wine Regions

    Italian Winery

    There are few countries more synonymous with winemaking than Italy—and with good reason. As the seat of power for the Catholic church, one could argue that Italy was chiefly responsible for preserving the craft throughout the middle ages, and even today, Italy remains the top wine-producing country in the world, eclipsing both France and Spain. 

    Given the major importance of wine both culturally and economically, it should come as no surprise that Italy is home to a multitude of wine regions. This, combined with the country's unique climate and geography, lends Italian wine a diversity rarely seen elsewhere, with more than 800 grape varieties and countless vintages to show for it. 


    Covering roughly 8,900 square miles in central Italy, Tuscany 

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  7. What Is Fruit Wine? | Fruit Wine Guide

    Glass of wine with an orange

    Did you know that you can make wine without grapes

    Virtually any type of fruit can undergo fermentation—everything from plums and cherries to apples and pomegranates. And it's not just limited to fruit, either. You can even make wine out of dandelions if you're so inclined. 

    Is that really all there is to it, though? After all, there's a difference between wine and cider, right? And there are plenty of other alcoholic fruit beverages that aren't wine.

    We'll go over what fruit wine ishow it's made, and the difference between fruit wine and other types of drinks. 

    What Is the Difference Between Wine and Fruit Wine? 

    Technically, the only difference between fruit wine and traditional wine is the fact that fruit wine isn't made with grapes. It's made using the same type of fermentation process with a different base. To make a f

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  8. The Best Wine Gifts for Any Occasion

    bottle of wine with glass and grapes

    Whether you're commemorating a holiday, celebrating a special occasion, or offering congratulations on a major life event, wine makes for an excellent gift. But what if your intended recipient is a wine connoisseur? How can you make sure to give them something they'll actually enjoy? 

    We can help with that.  Straight from our own selection, here are some of the best wine gifts for any occasion—and at nearly any price point. 

    Best Wine Gifts Under $25

    Ludovicus Tinto ($12.99)

    Made in Spain's Terra Alta region, this 2014 vintage red combines notes of spiced plum and cherry compote fruits with mineral and peppery spice.  Made primarily from the

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  9. The Best Wines For Halloween Parties

    halloween party

    Halloween is a night of candies and costumes for kids, but those of us long since retired from trick-or-treating also have a lot to look forward to. Before Halloween got its current name, it was called Samhain, the Celtic festival marking the beginning of winter. Wine played a key role in the festivities, as it should today.  You can, of course, choose your favorite bottles from our vast selection of red, white, and rosé wines. But we’ve put together this collection of particularly spooky wines to inspire you whether you’re planning a Halloween party or looking forward to a

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  10. Everything You Need To Know About Chilling Wine

    bottle of wine in an ice bucket

    What temperature brings out the best in a bottle of wine? Wine chilling is a topic around which there is much myth and confusion. But, as you’ll discover in this article, a handful of simple wine chilling rules results in a perfectly chilled—or unchilled—bottle of wine, whether red, white, or sparkling. But before we delve into the specifics,  it’s worth considering why wine temperature matters.

    The short answer is that temperature affects taste. Wine is a complex mix of ingredients, and every wine has a unique chemical composition. These ingredients behave differently as their temperature changes, affecting how they interact with each other, our taste buds, and, most importantly, our sense of smell. Wine drinkers adjust the temperature of their bottles to achieve the perfect balance of flavors, aromas, and textures. 

    How Chilled Should White Wine Be? 

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