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  1. 6 Best Boxed Wines

    Boxed wine

    Can wine in a box actually compete with wine in a bottle? Surprisingly, there are some boxed wines that are quite tasty. See what six boxed wines we recommend and find out why the box might be a good alternative to the bottle.

    What Is Boxed Wine?

    Boxed wines haven’t been around for very long. Credit for their invention goes to an Australian winemaker, Thomas Angove, who claimed the patent for bag-in-box wine 50 years ago. 

    Initially, boxed wine was cumbersome and difficult to handle. The bag (or bladder) of wine inside the box had to be removed, a corner of the bag snipped, the wine dispensed, the bag resealed with a paper clip or rubber band, and placed back inside the box. Not ideal. Eventually, an integral tap was added to the bag, which made serving the wine a much easier process. 

    Early b

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  2. Barolo Wine—A Delicious Expression of the Nebbiolo Grape

    Nebbiolo vineyard

    Barolo wine is known as the “King of Wines and the Wine of Kings.” It is the delicious expression of the Nebbiolo grape grown in the northern Italian wine region of Piedmont. Learn more about the noble grapes and wines of Italy that many consider to be some of the finest red wines in the world.

    The Barolo Wine Region

    Barolo is one of the most renowned Italian wine regions in the world. Because the Nebbiolo grape is thin-skinned, it easily takes on the properties of the region’s terroir. 

    There are multiple subregions within Barolo, each with a distinctive terroir that gives a unique definition and flavor profile to the Barolo wine they produce:

    • La Morra. The largest subregion in Barolo, La Morra, contains sandy soil which lends a velvety elegance to the wine.
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