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  1. Home Bar Essential Liquors and Tools

    Home Bar Essential Liquors and Tools

    Whether you’re hosting a formal holiday party or a casual gathering in your backyard, if you’re serving cocktails, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got these home bar must haves.

    Home Bar Essentials and Equipment

    If you’re going to get serious about mixing drinks, you’ll need the following home bar essentials and equipment:

    • Ice Bucket. An insulated, stainless steel ice bucket will keep cubes frozen for hours and is the perfect vessel for chilling wine or Champagne.
    • Shakers. Certain cocktail recipes call for shaking, not stirring a drink. Generally, cocktails that contain citrus or other juices, cream, eggs, or other dairy products should be shaken, so a quality cocktail shaker is a must-have.
    • Mixing Glasses. A good mixing
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  2. Ultimate Wine Guide: 10 Most Important Things To Know

    Ultimate Wine Guide: 10 Most Important Things To Know

    What Is Wine?

    The earliest evidence of wine dates back to 6000 B.C. in Eastern Europe. While processes and varietals have changed since then, what defines wine remains the same–it is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of grapes.

    What Are 4 Different Types of Wine?

    There are four major types of wine, each with its own flavors and characteristics:

    • White wine. The vintner only uses the juice of the wine grape, not the skin, to produce white wine. White wine is naturally acidic and is often crisp and tart. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are popular white wines.
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  3. Does Alcohol Go Bad? How To Store Alcohol Properly

    Does Alcohol Go Bad? How To Store Alcohol Properly

    Ever wondered about the shelf life of your favorite wine, beer, or spirits? Wonder no more. We’ve got the lowdown on the life span of your favorite beverages as well as how to store alcohol to ensure you have optimal time to enjoy it.

    Does Alcohol Go Bad?

    Does liquor go bad? If someone gifted you a bottle of whiskey or rum, is it safe to drink if it’s been sitting on your shelf for a while? Just how long does alcohol last? The good news is that liquor such as gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum, are considered shelf-stable. That means that as long as you store the bottle properly and it remains unopened, you can consider it safe to drink indefinitely. 

    The Shelf Life of Liquor

    The shelf life of liquor can vary depending on the type of alcohol as well as on how it’s stored. Variables such as temperature, light exposure, and o

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  4. What Wine Goes With Lamb?

    What Wine Goes With Lamb?

    Whether you’re cooking up a rack of lamb or preparing a hearty lamb stew, you’ll want the perfect wine to pair with your meal. Because the flavor of lamb can be described as robust, you’ll want to be very intentional about choosing the very best wine to serve with lamb.

    Best Wine With Lamb

    The ideal lamb wine pairing is influenced by several factors, including the origin of the lamb itself. Lamb from Australia or New Zealand has a gamey flavor, while the taste of lamb from the U.S. is milder. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the ingredients you’re using in your dish to find the wine that will enhance your culinary experience.

    Red Wine With Lamb

    Full-bodied red wines pair particularly well with lamb. However, you want to be cautious and not choose a robust wine that will overpower the flavors of the lamb. For young lamb that’s served pink, Pinot Noir is an excellen

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  5. Hot Toddy for a Cough? Just What the Doctor Ordered

    Hot Toddy for a Cough? Just What the Doctor Ordered

    Back in the day, whiskey was often used to help alleviate the symptoms of a cold. And while you may feel a bit skeptical about this treatment, there is some scientific basis for turning to the bottle when you come down with the sniffles.

    Does Whiskey Help a Cold?

    Whiskey contains ellagic acid, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants work to improve immune function and fight infections caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Additionally, when mixed with warm water, whiskey can be numbing and soothing on a sore throat, so gargling with the combo can ease pain. Finally, just like the menthol in your favorite cough drops, alcohol dilates mucus membranes, meaning a moderate amount of whiskey can help you get rid of that stuffy nose.

    Hot Toddy Ingredients for a Cold

    When you’re sick with a

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