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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Moscato Wine

    The Ultimate Guide to Moscato Wine

    Summer may be fleeting, but Moscato white wine is a sweet vintage you can enjoy year-round. Whether you sip it as an aperitif or savor it with a gourmet meal, the hints of orange blossom and peach, mandarin orange, sweet lemon, pear, and honeysuckle will delight your palate. 

    What Is Moscato Wine?

    Moscato wine is produced from Muscat grapes, of which there are 200 known varieties grown around the world. Italy is the top producer of semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Moscato using Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grapes grown in the Piedmont region. While Moscato typically comes from Italy, you can also find varieties from California and Australia, as well as Germany, where it’s labeled “Muskateller,” and Spain, where it’s called “Moscatel.” 

    Is Moscato sweet? Quite simply, yes. It’s also light with low alcohol content. This is due to its brief fermentation process, which tends to

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  2. The Secret Art of Making Red Blend Wine

    The Secret Art of Making Red Blend Wine

    If you’ve enjoyed a delicious glass of Dead Canyon Ranch Red or Encore Dark Red recently, you may not have realized that you were actually drinking a red blend wine. What is red blend wine? Quite simply, it is a domestic wine not made from one specific wine grape but rather a blend of several different grape varieties. 

    How Is Red Blend Wine Made?

    You may know that red blend wine is becoming increasingly popular, selling more than pinot noir or merlot and even rivaling the historically best selling red wine, cabernet sauvignon. What you may not know is that the best red wines have always been a blend. 

    Creating a red blend wine is part art and part science. Essentially, winemakers are d

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  3. Bottled Wine Broken Down By State

    Bottled Wine Broken Down By State

    Whether you're cracking open a bottle with dinner or pouring yourself a glass after a long day at work, wine has long been a fixture in many of our lives — now more than ever. But have you ever wondered where your wine comes from? We know we have, which is precisely why we decided to look at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's website, which keeps track of all the wine brewed and bottled across the continental United States.

    We've compiled their statistics into the infographic you see below — scroll past for a bit more context and commentary on each section. 

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  4. Is it Whiskey or Whisky? Does It Matter?

    Is it Whiskey or Whisky? Does It Matter?

    You may think that the correct way to spell “whiskey” isn’t all that important in the big scheme of things. For the average person, that’s probably true. But if you are a true whiskey aficionado, the spelling of the word makes all the difference in the world.

    Which is the Correct Spelling--Whiskey or Whisky?

    Both “whiskey” and “whisky” are spelled correctly. Then why are they spelled differently? It’s not a quirky distinction some marketer made up to differentiate their brand. Whiskey, with an e, refers to liquor distilled in the United States and Ireland. Whisky, sans e, distinguishes liquor distilled in Scotland and Canada. 

    The word whiskey refers to a wide range of distilled liquors. They are produced with a fermented mash of grains and most often aged in oak barrels. If you are a whis

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