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  1. Choosing the Best White Wine to Cook With

    Choosing the Best White Wine to Cook With

    There are so many recipes that call for dry white wine for cooking. If you think about some of your favorite pasta sauce, chicken, and soup dinners, many suggest using one of many types of white cooking wine to bring out the natural flavors of the food. We’ll look at some of the different dry white wines for cooking and factors that may help you determine which is best for your needs. 

    Why is Dry White Wine Best for Cooking? 

    When looking at different recipes that call for wine, using a dry white wine is usually preferred. There are many kinds of white wine, but the most versatile is a crisp, dry white wine. There are several reasons for this. Oaky white wines may turn bitter when cooked, and sweet white wines tend to carmelize when deglazing a pan. 

    Wine -- like other ingredients -- transforms when cooked. As it mingles with the other ingredients and flavors, the subtle nuances of its flavor may blend with others. For this reason, it’s appropriate to

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  2. How to Select the Best Wine for Cheeses

    Wine and cheese

    Wine and cheese pairings are iconic. There is just something extraordinary about combining the flavors of aged cheese and a great glass of wine. Many people know that wine and cheese are a famous couple, but knowing where to begin can be challenging. A simple guideline to keep in mind when matching wines and cheese is that you should try and pair bold flavors with other bold flavors.

    If you’re sampling a hard, aged cheese with a challenging rind, you probably shouldn’t pair that with a subtle and easily overpowered wine. Bold flavored cheeses should be paired with bold flavored wines. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the wide world of wines and cheeses or looking for new roads to travel, here is a look at some great wine and cheese pairings to explore.

    Hard Cheeses

    The flavor of hard cheese is typically classified as sharp. These chees

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  3. Tannins—What Do Tannins Do?

    Tannins—What Do Tannins Do?

    If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting event, you’ve probably heard wine (usually red wine) described as “tannic.” You may even hear health professionals discussing wine tannins.

    While the dictionary of words you can use to describe wine is relatively large, “wine tannins” or “tannic” are perhaps the most important words to know.

    Here’s an overview of what tannins in wine are, how they affect you, and their side effects.

    What Are Tannins in Wine

    If you drink red wine, you’re probably familiar with a dry sensation and a lasting bitterness. The tannins in the wine are responsible for this sensation.

    Scientifically, tannins are natural polyphenols found in various plants, bark, and fruit skins. Therefore, it’s the fruit skins that often give the wine its tannic characteristics.

    The ratio of tannins to acidity (along with a few other factors like alcohol concentration and glycerol) defines the structure of a wine. Therefore, a wine typically desc

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  4. The Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

    wine and pizza pairing

    Pizza may seem like it is a reasonably straightforward meal consisting of bread, sauce, and cheese. However, variations in the flavor profile of a pizza can affect the wine that would best accompany the dish. When choosing a wine that pairs with pizza, people tend to reach for hearty reds. This would be a good choice for classic pizzas, but what about lighter pizzas such as a white or Margherita style pizza?

    To help you find the wine that will pair with your pizza appropriately, it is best to break down pizzas into categories. This way, we can identify the wines that would be best suited to accompany the ingredients most commonly used to make these recipes.

    Margherita Pizzas

    Margherita pizzas are all about basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. It is a simple recipe, but the flavor that results from these three ingredients is spectacular. A Margherita pizza is typically lighter than a traditional pizza; it is not uncommon for them to be served on a thin crust or flatbread.

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