Monthly Archives: June 2014

  1. The OTHER Wines of Piedmont

    Wines from Piedmont, Italy

    High up on the rolling hills, the vineyards of Piedmont in northern Italy are constantly working and producing and striving for greatness. Because of the cooler climate, fuller-flavored heavy reds have a difficult time ripening; however, the sunny days and cool nights lend the perfect atmosphere for growing lighter-bodied, fruit forward reds and whites that ripen evenly with perfect balance and acidity.

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  2. 10 Summertime Sippers

    Summer Sipping Wines

    With the passing of the solstice last weekend, we are now officially into summer, and shifting into warm weather wines- light, crisp and easy- as well as juicy, fruit-forward BBQ and picnic wines. Here's a smattering of great bottles to get your summer cellar (i.e. porch) started:

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