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Syrah is the principal grape of the northern Rhône wines, found in the sturdy offerings of Cornas, Côte-Rôtie, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage and Saint-Joseph. Some believe that the grape may have first appeared in the city of Shiraz (in the southeast of present day Iran), but whatever its origins, it is clear that this grape was already established in the Rhône Valley by Roman times.

Like Cabernet, Syrah produces a tannic, deeply colored wine with robust flavors of black berry, smoke, pepper and tar. Today, Australia has taken over as the most visible producer of this grape, which they call Shiraz. Shiraz is Australia's most widely-planted red grape, and Australian Shiraz provides one of the weightiest mouthfuls of any red wine! The most acclaimed Australian wine region, Barossa Valley, is the birthplace of the legendary Penfolds Grange. Rich and extraordinary, this is the most collectible Australian wine and one of the most famous wines anywhere made from Syrah.

Outside of France and Australia, Syrah wines are also being produced in California, Washington, Chile, and South Africa.

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