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The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch Whisky | 1.75 L.


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The Glenlivet
1.75 L.
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The Glenlivet 12 Year Old | Single Malt Scotch Whisky  NV / 1.75 L.

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Published Reviews

90–95 pts. : November 15, 2008

Off-dry malted barley and light toffee smells greet the olfactory sense along with flowery fragrances of heather, rose petal and pine. Entry features sweet grain and candied apricot tastes; the midpalate is mellow, malty, fruity (white raisins, apricots) and sophisticated. Ends on a buttery note. Remains the Speyside benchmark. Best Buy.

90 pts.: 12/15/2011

Vibrant gold with orange highlights, fruity scent of apples and pears plus a whiff of vanilla. Soft, velvety feel. This is a pleasant and drinkable Scotch, but the flavors are relatively muted. It mixes well with other flavors, making it a good contender for cocktails. Good value.

88 pts. : July 14, 2002

Pale gold. Medium body. Delicate floral nose. Well balanced, if a touch lightweight, with subtle smoky notes intertwining with elements of dried fruit and heather. Hint of sweet tobacco. Clean finish.

86 pts. : May, 1997

Bright yellow golden. Moderately light bodied. lemon peel, dried flowers, soft charred wood. Delicate or even subtle nose. Rounded smooth palate with a soft malty profile on the palate and a subtle smoky finish. Smooth as silk. An anytime tippler well suited as an aperitif.

85 pts. : January 1, 1999

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Remarkably flowery, clean and soft.
Body: Light to medium, firm, smooth.
Palate: Flowery, peachy, notes of vanilla, delicate balance between sweetness and malty dryness.
Finish: Restrained, long, gently warming.

85 pts.: Summer, 2013

As with the ’Fiddich (reviewed in this issue), here’s a malt where an improved wood policy has brought a dram to life and added complexity. The Glenlivet has always been about lightness, but the trick is to have sufficient solid base to allow its flower to blossom, so as well as lily, orchid, and pineapple, there’s a thick creaminess that gently beds all of these flighty flavors down. With water, there’s mandarin and rose petal, and a sneeze of white pepper. Simply lovely.

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The original bottling of the country’s oldest legal distillery is a beautifully balanced malt wit fruit, delicate flowers and honey all showing in the nose. The flavor offers warm summer fruit and spring flowers before the gentle finish.

: January 1, 1995

Sweetness: 8
Peatiness: 4
Colour: Straw with a definite greenness to its edge.
Nose: Leafy, floral, slightly malty, very fragrant.
Flavor: Sherry cast on palate with typical honeyed shortbread-sweet flavour.
Finish: Good length.
Notes: George & J.G. Smith bottling.

: December 1, 2007

Honey/deep straw color; superb clarity. Off-dry malted barley and light toffee smells greet the olfactory sense after the pour along with flowery fragrances of heather, rose petal, and pine; further aeration stimulates a mild peppery, biscuity quality that’s been one of my favorites for twenty years; the quintessential 12 year old Speyside bouquet. The entry features as much finesse and complexity as one could expect as sweet grain and candied apricot tastes delight the taste buds; the midpalate is remarkably mellow, grainy/malty, fruity (white raisins, apricots), and sophisticated. Ends on a buttery note. For all the hoopla over this “limited edition” wood-finished malt or that “rarest of the rare” cask strength single barrel monster, this whisky remains the Speyside benchmark in my mind. Highly Recommended.

: February, 2001

Beautiful aromas of orange, lemon and nuts. Soft and creamy, with flavors of cherries and black pepper; good length, with lots of cinnamon, nutmeg and raisin flavors in the finish.