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Ric McLeod

Ric McLeod

Manager, Premier Wine & Spirits

Living the dream, I've traveled the major wine regions of the world, met incredibly interesting people, tasted fine wine and food and been paid to do it. The journey has been quite a nice ride. Given the infinite amount of science, history and geography, the subject of wine and food and the influence they have on each is other is quite complicated. Blend in the romance of music, art, and philosophies of the various countries and cultures, and it becomes even more fascinating as well as fulfilling. Virtually incorporating a way of living in harmony with nature if you will. Our purpose is to share these truths and give the knowledge that wine is a food beverage and when consumed in moderation, can elevate one's quality of life. The mysteries all unfold before your eyes and the answer lies in the fruit of the vine. We're all here for a brief interlude, enjoy your time under the sun and live abundantly. Hope to see you soon.

Favorite Varietals: If I was a grape, it would be Petite Sirah, thick skinned, with intense fruit flavors and complexities that mature and develop gracefully with age.

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