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Craft Spirits

Craft Spirits at WineDeals.com

Welcome to the next big wave of craft production - spirits! These exciting products are produced in smaller batches, often hand-selected and distilled to suit the taste of the master distiller. This offers the distiller greater control over the ingredients, which are oftentimes organically or sustainably grown.

This process also gives distillers greater freedom to experiment with distilling vessels, aging or flavors. Therefore, you can find a gin aged in used rum barrels, whiskies made in glassware stills, or liqueurs made from everything from hibiscus to quinine. Customers can then play around with different bottlings to find a product to truly define their style. Sure, you can't rely on this year's batch tasting the same next year- but you can be sure that somebody somewhere has created something you'll like just as much!

Premier has one of the largest selections of craft spirits - over 500 items in stock at any time! Look for the red "artisan spirit" tags (left) throughout the store.

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