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Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 750 ml. | 90 proof


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American Whiskey
Russell's Reserve
750 ml.
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Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old | Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

94 pts. : ,

Fascinating layering of diverse aromas: something almost smoky to this one, perhaps from extracting a peculiar, heavy-ish character from the oak; thinned by a delicate gooseberry note (yes, really!)--as opposed to the usual citrus — which itself is sandwiched between subtle Demerara sugar and vanilla; the rye also makes itself heard; the body flexes muscles enough to compound the rich brown sugar/liquorice background and intense rye fruitiness. Serious chewing required; excellent depth, with the oaks now offering impressive soft bitter balance; remains long and consistent as the spices amplify.

92 pts. : March 8, 2002

Deep amber hue. Exotic fruit, toasted nuts and molasses aromas. A big, powerful, entry leads to a semisweet, medium-to full-bodied palate with rich roasted walnut and toffee notes supported by a wave of toasted oak. Finishes with a hot, spicy wave of coconut and oak flavor.

90–95 pts.: 12/15/2005

The bouquet features a woody/piney aromatic surface with dry scents of grain and resin beneath. the palate entry has a flash of corny sweetness upfront, then a whisper of butterscotch; the midpalate is full-bodied, sweet, oily, clean, and maple-like. Concludes with sumptuous tastes of dark honey and marzipan.

84 pts. : Sep/Oct 2005

New packaging, new formulation, and even a new strength. The new packaging is more stylish, the new formulation is more approachable, as is the new strength (45% rather than 50.5%). The previous Russell’s Reserve was big and brooding, with huge flavors of chewy toffee, oak, leather, and tobacco. This new expression is more elegant, with lighter sugars (honey, cotton candy, caramel, maple syrup), more fruit (candied orange, pineapple, coconut), and creamy vanilla. A tame expression of Wild Turkey (although the flavors are nicely balanced and seamlessly tied together). Ideally, I would like to see the bourbon with the new formula but bottled at the same old strength of 101 proof.

: September 1, 2005

The deep amber/polished bronze color is dazzling and perfectly pure. In the first whiffs I detect subtle notes of sawed wood, matchstick, and pine; later inhalations following a seven minute period of additional air contact uncover dry scents of grain and resin beneath the woody/piney aromatic surface. The palate entry displays a flash of corny sweetness upfront, then a whisper of butterscotch; the mid-palate stage is full-bodied, sweet as corn-on-the-cob, moderately oily, clean, and maple-like. Concludes warmly in the throat, with sumptuous tastes of dark honey and marzipan. Another winner from this stalwart, incredibly reliable distillery.

: June 1, 2004

One of the panel’s favorites across the board. Russell’s Reserve is balanced and rich, with flavors of sweet gingerbread and cocoa. It’s a superb sipper, and makes a fine Old Fashioned, too.

: December, 2008

Very rich and harmonious on the palate with good firmness; long finish with pleasing heart. Very good.

: November, 2006

Small-batch Wild Turkey Russell Reserve, made in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky straight bourbon that is aged for ten years and bottled at the distillery’s trademark 101 proof. The whiskey is delightfully complex with a bouquet of vanilla and oak; a soft, round body; and a rich palate of vanilla, caramel, and toffee. Russell Reserve is a museum-grade bourbon that carries an inexplicably small price tag. It joins an already world-class portfolio that includes single-barrel Kentucky Spirit, barrel-proof Rare Breed, and the estimable Wild Turkey 101.

: October 28, 2000

The topaz/new copper penny color dazzles the eye — ideal purity; the initial nosing pass lights up the olfactory sense with resiny scents of new oak and sap — the second pass, after three minutes in the glass, adds seductive and dry hints of lead pencil, bark, and oil — the third sniffing, following seven minutes of aeration, sees the green/woody element turn softer and slightly sweeter, though hardly sappy or plump — the fourth and last whiff reveals atypical traces of raisins, plum, and sugar cane — a highly complex aroma that transforms into a full-throttle bourbon bouquet after about five minutes in the glass — a muscular aroma…

: October 28, 2000

…the palate entry is tight, dry, and spirity — the midpalate phase is tightly-wound, almost austere, and intensely oaky; the finish is woody, resiny, and extended; a deeply opulent bourbon that on the surface is lean — but underneath lies that thumbprint Wild Turkey grainy richness that defines every WT whiskey.