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Jameson Irish Whiskey

1.75 L.


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Irish Whiskey
1.75 L.
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6 bottles

Jameson Irish Whiskey  NV / 1.75 L.

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Published Reviews

90–95 pts.: 12/31/2008

Opening aroma is smoked, waxy, nutty and intensely grainy; aeration adds a buttery succulence and a fruity ripeness. Entry is toffee-like, grainy sweet and honeyed; the midpalate stage is all butter, cream, smoked trout, rousted nuts, bacon fat, bacon rind and spice. Delightful finish is potent, grainy and honeyed.

87 pts.: 5/1/1997

Rich gold luster. Medium-bodied. Honey, candied pecans, brown spice. Attractive caramel aromas reveal a sweetness up front. Rounded mouthfeel with a lingering spiced honey-note through the finish give this an effortlessly drinkable appeal.

85–89 pts.: 12/1/2008

The bouquet features charred paper smells of toasted walnuts, roasted chestnuts, paraffin, cardboard, parchment, dry grain and herbs. Entry is grainy sweet and moderately oily; the midpalate stage is loaded with grainy breakfast cereal flavors and, at times, even comes off like oatmeal. Ends well on an oily, satiny note.

83 pts. : March 1, 2001

Light amber gold appearance. the nose is simple and refreshing with aromas of musk, cinnamon, spice, brown sugar and a slight citrus note. Smooth and pleasing flavors of spice, brown sugar, orange/lemon citrus and caramel with a dry wood and spice finish. Subtle overall character.

: ,

Jameson has floral, sweet notes with hints of hazelnut and a distinct oaky component. Mellow, balanced flavors are complemented by hints of caramel sweetness in the finish.

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Toasted wood comes forward in the nose with accents of sweet Sherry. The flavor is rounded and smooth with additional spicy, toasted wood and a lingering crispness.

: March, 2007

A smooth, delicate malt with subtle notes of vanilla, grain, and just a hint of ginger beer; easy drinking.

: 3/1/2001

Light to medium amber. the nose emits an unnerving bit of nail polish remover in the first nosing pass to the point where I changed glasses; pouring anew; with aeration, the ethyl acetate quality blew off, leaving behind a crisp, tart, baked apple aroma that was shadowed by a vegetal quality. In the mouth, Jameson shows its best face as clean, tart, edged flavors of oak, vanilla extract, red apple and grain combine for a very pleasant, straightforward taste experience. The aftertaste is semisweet, medium-long and almost caramel-like. the taste and the finish were sound enough to pull it through to recommended territory.

: January 1, 1997

Intensely sweet bouquet; creamy mouth feel with strong, brash, big-roasted flavors of caramel-covered apples; long, roasty finish.

: December 1, 2007

Amber/honey color; flawless clarity. Owns a similar opening aroma to its no-age-statement sibling, in that, it’s smoked, oily/waxy, nutty, and intensely grainy; aeration adds a buttery succulence and a fruity ripeness that wasn’t in the opening whiffs. Entry is toffee-like, grainy sweet, and honeyed; the midpalate stage is all butter, cream, smoked trout, roasted nuts, bacon fat, bacon rind, and spice. Concludes in a potent, grainy, and honeyed manner that’s wonderfully fulfilling. A terrific whiskey from A to Z.
Highly Recommended.