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Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

375 ml.


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375 ml.
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Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch  NV / 375 ml.

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Published Reviews

86 pts.: Summer, 2013

The world’s best-selling single malt. Isn’t that sufficient to give this dram some respect? It might be me, but it strikes me that ’Fiddich has more heft to it these days, with a sherried element giving the pear, apple, and light cereal of the distillery character a sweet, plump, sultana underpinning. This then adds chewiness to the palate, balancing the dry nuttiness and receding on the finish where those green fruits come through to add fresh acidity. Great balance.

: January 1, 1995

Sweetness: 8
Peatiness: 5
Colour: Straw/gold.
Nose: Cooked mash, light, soapy, delicately peaty.
Flavour: Light, sweet, well-balanced and gentle.
Finish: Sweet and of medium length.
Notes: William Grant bottling.

: December 1, 2000

The pale amber appearance is absolutely pure and clean; the nose at opening is all biscuity and cookie batter-like in a sweet way — the second pass offers leafy, woodsy, almost vine-like scents that balance nicely with the bakery doughiness — the penultimate whiff locates a hint of black pepper that adds a shade of complexity — the fourth and final sniffing, following a solid nine minutes of exposure to air, sees the first real presence of spirit-borne “grip” in the nasal passages — while the aroma would never be classified as profound, frankly, it isn’t designed to be — the primary purpose of this bouquet is to be warm (it is) and inviting (ditto), so mission accomplished with grace…

: December 1, 2000

…the nimble palate entry is greenish, mildly sweet, and simple — the midpalate stage is lean, agile and alternately malty but rather dry and very feminine; shows much more impact both in the nose and the mouth than the previous incarnation; a quintessential beginner malt or simply one for everyday, undemanding enjoyment; very nice and certainly warrants a recommendation.

: February, 2001

Soft aromas of sweet orange and raisins, with notes of heather. Layered lemon, black pepper and toasted oak flavors; finishes with orange and clove flavors.