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Gentleman Jack

50 ml. | 80 proof


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American Whiskey
Jack Daniel's
50 ml.
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120 bottles

Gentleman Jack  NV / 50 ml.

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Published Reviews

96 pts.: 3/1/2011

This honey-colored whiskey is mellow, smooth, mouthwatering and delicious. Rich and pretty caramel and citrus aromas precede complex flavors of leather, tobacco, vanilla and cocoa. Its long finish displays lots of caramel, spicy cinnamon and ginger. Pair with a cigar.

90–95 pts.: 9/1/2002

The toasty, oaky, oily, smoky bouquet is fat and buttery in the first nosing pass; with further air contact deeper aromas emerge, most notably, honey, old saddle leather and walnuts. In the mouth, there’s a wide range of tantalizing flavors, including loose tobacco, raisins and coffee. The finish bites the tongue at first, then mellows into a Sherried, almondy taste. Complex, multilayered, and luscious.

87 pts.: 3/1/1997

Deep gold, with an amber cast. Medium-bodied. Citrus, honey, dried herbs, almonds. Moderately rich texture. Slightly tangy on the palate. While not overly herbaceous, there are ample fragrances as sensed in the country meadow. A dollop of lightly sweet brown spice complements easy, soft fruit.

85–89 pts.: 12/1/2004

The opening inhalations offer succulent scents of fresh flowers, new oak, light caramel and butter; air contact allows the aroma to develop only modestly. Palate entry is seamless, off-dry and slightly nutty/oaky; at midpalate the taste veers to the fruity/grainy side of the flavor spectrum. Finishes slightly raw.

: September 1, 2004

A lighter honey/harvest gold color that I remember — superb purity; the opening inhalations within the two minutes span following the pour offer round, succulent scents of fresh flowers, new oak, light caramel and butter — six more inhalations in the copita allow the aroma to develop a bit further though not as much as I’d like as moderately toasty/smoky/sooty aromas come together nicely but not as richly as I recall from the past; the palate entry is seamless, off-dry and slightly nutty/oaky — at midpalate, the taste veers to the fruity/grainy side of the flavor spectrum; finishes slightly raw, then smoothes out offering a last blast of cream.

: November, 2006

Gentleman Jack, from Lynchburg, Tennessee, is handcrafted from a recipe created by Jack Daniel himself at the turn of the twentieth century. The whiskey is aged in oak barrels for four years and then mellowed twice in Tennessee sugar-maple charcoal, once before being in wood and once after. Gentleman Jack is a rare, sublime experience.

: November, 2006

Soft and silky with aromas and flavors of caramel, black currant, and tangerine, plus notes of delicate vanilla and smoke; gentle black currant and smoke finish.

Staff Picks

Ric McLeod: February 22, 1999
: February, 1999 5/5 stars

Take a sip. Just one sip. Then you will know why this rare Tennessee Whiskey is so special. Its handmade character and home grown heritage ideally embodied the imagination and spirit that created America long ago. It is a distinctively smooth, with Whiskey distilled and aged to perfection that you’ll surely appreciate.