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375 ml.


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375 ml.
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24 bottles

Cointreau  NV / 375 ml.

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Published Reviews

96–100 pts.: 10/1/2005

A sophisticated orange pulp bouquet which after aeration turns much more dry peel-like. The palate entry is intensely orange peel-like yet more sweet than bittersweet; the midpalate stage is deeply orangey, sweet and sublimely juicy. Finishes ideally citrusy/tart/astringent, then turns lithe and sweet. The benchmark for all orange flavored liqueurs/triple secs. State of the art.

91 pts.: 12/15/2000

The aromas of sweet and bitter orange zest are very tightly knit in this liqueur. The body is big and buttery. The palate follows the nose precisely, and isn’t overly sweet, but it’s the dry, peppery finish that really adds dimension to the experience.

: October, 2000

Blood orange zest, with a hint of lemon and fresh mint. Viscous on the palate, with semisweet orange zest flavors; long finish, with some peppery heat and orange rind flavors.

: October, 2006

Unique cloudy color; clean, bright, and concentrated aromas and flavors that glide across the tongue; assertive, sweet/bitter finish. Superb.

: June 1, 2011

The perfect liqueur in every sense of the word. Delicious served on its own in a small glass and the indispensable ingredient in scores of legendary (Sidecar, Margarita) and contemporary cocktails (Cosmopolitan). Has weathered hundreds of imitators over the decades and when tasted side-by-side with its wannabes, it trounces all with startling conviction. A hallmark spirit of universal appeal.

: June 1, 2005

State of the art, period. After tasting a whole slew of competing triple sec/orange liqueurs over the last decade, it is abundantly clear as to which brand is the gold standard. A most deserving elevation to classic status. And I’m not even broaching the subject about using Cointreau as a necessary ingredient in margaritas.