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Citadelle Gin

1.75 L. | 88 proof


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1.75 L.
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Citadelle Gin  NV / 1.75 L.

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Published Reviews

96–100 pts. : December 1, 2005

The first nosing passes find scents of fresh flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle, and cardamom; further aeration stimulates deeper, more herbal notes including anise, grains of paradise, and cinnamon. At the palate entry, the off-dry juniper presence is clearly evident; at midpalate the taste profile turns creamy, rich, and flowery once again. Ends up off-dry, high in juniper essence, and elegant.

96 pts.: April, 2011

A soft and refined standout. Bright, citrusy aroma. This supersilky gin has a big licorice and juniper twang and a slight quinine flavor — in other words, it cries out for tonic water. The sweet, lingering finish evokes pink peppercorns, citrus peel and white wildflowers.

96 pts. : December 31, 1999

A crisp nose with intense juniper and a pleasant citrus backdrop. Slightly heavy body. On the palate, heavy perfume notes mingle with fragrant spices creating a very complex experience without ever detracting from the sharp, crisp juniper notes that define this style of “slap you in the face” gin. Long, fragrant finish.

94 pts.: 8/1/2016

Light and complex, this gin, made by Cognac producer Maison Ferrand, has a restrained lemon peel aroma and gently sweet palate accented by citrus, coriander and cardamom. The finish is markedly soft and bright, with just a hint of sweetness.


An oak-matured gin aged in Cognac barrels for six months. The nosing passes find intensely herbal and cedar needle notes with more subtle aromas of citrus, orange peel and stone arriving after aeration time. Palate entry is the first time the oak influence appears as sweet tastes of vanilla and butter dominate; midpalate similarly features more of the wood than the botanicals. Finishes as much a brandy as a gin. Superb/ Highest Recommendation.

90 pts. : September 30, 2009

Spicy juniper nose; smooth and mellow with pronounced juniper and angelica flavors; long and creamy with vanilla, spice and balance.

: January, 2001

Lovely, complex anise and violet aromatics, with underlying juniper and coriander notes. Distinctive, complex and full, with a creamy texture and slightly sweet flavors; anise notes in the finish. Very elegant and drinkable in a stylish liter bottle.

: November 1, 2008

Perfect for those who take their martinis dry, this French gin made by Cognac Ferran is ready straight out of the freezer. The flavor is clean, vibrant and smooth, thanks to a revived 1771 recipe that calls for 19 fresh botanicals, including violet root, coriander, orange peel, cinnamon, almonds and anise.

: Jul/Aug 2006

Made in France by cognac’s Gabriel & Andreu, Citadelle is triple-distilled in small batches in traditional copper alembic stills and formulated based on a recipe of a staggering nineteen botanicals.

: May, 2007

Rich and smooth with complex aromas; full on the palate with beautifully layered flavors that unfold; superb from start to finish.

: May 31, 2011

The Gist:
Produced in Cognac by Gabriel & Andreu, Citadelle Réserve vintage-dated gin is triple-distilled and formulated with a staggering 19 botanicals. The spirit is then aged several months in oak casks. Museum-grade.

The Stats:
Origin: France
Strength: 88 proof

Think while you drink:
Distilled in Charentais stills.

: November 1, 1998

French fine spirits producer Gabriel & Andreu has launched Citadelle, a super-premium French Gin. Investigating the historic Citadelle Distillery, Gabriel & Andreu discovered the ancient recipe and recreated this once-famous French Gin.

: November 6, 1998

The long awaited introduction of the French Gin Citadelle could be a life-altering event for a martini lover like me. This silky, textured gin is produced by Gabriel & Andreu, the makers of Cognac Ferrand. This small firm traced the origin of gin back to 1771 where the Citadelle Distillery in Dunkirk produced the oldest registered gin in France. The news is that this small firm is producing Citadelle the way Cognac is made, and the result is a gin that is dangerously drinkable. Yes there is a juniper character in the smell and flavor, but it is floral instead if stridently overpowering.

: December 1, 1998

Clear as rainwater — absolutely pure; the zestily herbal bouquet jumps from the sampling glass as though it were on a trampoline — the second pass settles down not one bit as the fresh garden scents of dried citrus rind and spice thrill the olfactory sense — the third and fourth passes reveal more of the spirity side and keep the peddle to the floorboard in terms of momentum — easily on of the two or three most assertive gins I’ve ever encountered — this is gin aromatics and acrobatics in overdrive; on palate, the tongue comes alive with tingling sensations as the vivacious spirit lead the charge until mid palate whereupon the botanicals take the reins.