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Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée

750 ml.


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60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Meunier

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Sparkling Wine
Champagne Bollinger
750 ml.
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Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

97 pts. : Nov/Dec 2005

Seamless aromas of oatmeal and bread dough complemented by flavors of white chocolate and raw mushrooms; great length of the mid-palate with crisp racy acidity; pairs well with creamy wild mushrooms risotto.

97 pts. : Nov/Dec 2006

Toasted macadamia nuts, oatmeal cookies and white chocolate flavors dominate; acid is there, so pair with anything from broiled filet mignon to oatmeal cookies; awesome and still one of Champagne’s greatest values.

94 pts. : December 1, 2005

The Bollinger style is always rich, food friendly and impressive. This wine is all of those things, with power and intensity of flavor along with ripe fruit, a layer of toastiness and a dry aftertaste. This is a style of wine that can take even more bottle aging.

94 pts pts. : November 1, 2011

One of Champagne’s most consistent stars; complex, with sweet spice and ripe apples, hints of peaches and creme, with beautiful aged wine nuances; long and lasting on the palate; 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Meunier.


A rich, smoky Champagne, with hints of marzipan and fennel seed accenting honeyed malt, bread dough, baked apple and gingersnap flavors. It’s all focused by intense acidity, which meshes beautifully into layers of flavor and refined texture, with a lingering finish. Drink now through 2021.

93 pts. : December 15, 2012

Very elegant and refined in texture, with fresh, focused acidity finding fine integration with the layered notes of patisserie apple, black currant, smoky mineral and biscuit, complimented by hints of lemon zest and honey. Lingering finish. Drink now through 2020. Tasted twice, with consistent notes.

93 pts. : December 15, 2007

Exudes honey, with richness and a supple texture. Peach, biscuit and dried orange peel notes add complexity, and the wine glides to a long, lingering aftertaste of honey and brioche. Drink now through 2012.

93 pts. : October 15, 2003

A beautiful Champagne. Complex and elegant, evoking ginger, jasmine, citrus and honey aromas and flavors, accented by a biscuit and grain component coming as much from barrel fermentation as yeast aging. Very firmly structured and long. Enjoy with Asian foods or Parmesan cheese. Drink now through 2006.

93 pts.: 12/1/2010

Always a rich non-vintage, this latest bottling doesn’t disappoint expectations. It has a rich, biscuity character, hints of toast along with pure citrus and fresh apricots. It is ripe, generous, to be drunk with food.

93 pts. : Nov/Dec 2004

A great house; incredible bang-for-the-buck; pinot driven, with great yeasty notes; sweet poached apples and toffee accented by crisp acidity; elegant, rich and complex.

93 pts. : November 30, 2011

A lovely, balanced Champagne, with mineral and toast notes accenting flavors of quince, green pear, white peach and verbena. Backed by firm acidity, this shows impressive texture and finesse. Like a mosaic, all the pieces come together to make a beautiful whole. Drink now through 2020.

93 pts. : November 15, 2004

Complex aromas and flavors of rose, grilled nuts, citrus and a gently oxidative note course through this muscular, full-bodied bubbly. Despite its power, there’s a gracefulness. The aftertaste combines citrus and spice. Drink now through 2008.

93 pts. : July 31, 2003

Family-controlled Bollinger’s 383 acres of vineyards cover some 70 percent of their needs, one of the highest rates in Champagne. Its holdings include many grand cru sites such as Aÿ, Louvois, Bouzy, Verzy and Verzenay. Thus, Pinot Noir dominates the blend. This cuvée is mostly 1999, with between 10 percent and 30 percent of the wines barrel-fermented. In addition, Bollinger did not declare a Grande Annee in 1998, so it has plenty of top quality ’98 reserve wines for blending. It’s hard to find a better non-vintage cuvée than this. Complex and elegant, evoking ginger, jasmine, citrus and honey aromas and flavors, accented by a biscuit and grain component coming as much from barrel fermentation as from yeast aging. It’s very firmly structured and long. It’s a beautiful Champagne that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods, including Asian cuisine or Parmesan cheese.

93 pts. : November 30, 2013

This is firm and tightly knit, with a backbone of steely acidity, showing a fine, creamy texture that imparts an overall sense of finesse to the layers of poached apple, mille-feuille, black currant, kumquat and honey, showing hints of ground spice and smoky mineral. Drink now through 2020.

93 pts.: Nov 15, 2014

Like a fine tapestry, this weaves rich flavors of blackberry tart, lemon parfait, graphite and toasted almond together on the creamy palate. Finely honed acidity creates a vibrant thread throughout. Drink now through 2022.

92 pts. : December 1, 2008

Brisk and elegant on the first pass, this fells substantial yet weightless in its fresh lemon flavors. the bass notes develop with air, bringing on the richness of the wood treatment with smoke and toast. This is 60 percent pinot noir, mostly from grand and premier crus. An impressive bottling of Bollinger’s classic Brut.

92 pts. : December 1, 2011

Richness is all in this latest release of Special Cuvée, a complex and supple blend based on red grapes (60 percent pinot noir and 15 percent meunier with the balance in chardonnay). Structured by reserve wines aged in magnum bottles, this wine’s texture unfolds with layers of flavor, from subtle Marcona almond to dark-toned apricot and brighter lemon. It’s creamy, saturated and delicious, balanced for current drinking and built to age.

92 pts.: December 1, 2012

Finely balanced between fruit and minerality, this layers tart red fruit, crème caramel and juicy pear in a long chalk line of flavor. It’s fresh and bright on one level, rich and sumptuous underneath — a brilliant blend that would fit any occasion.

92 pts. : Nov/Dec 2009

Pretty gold color; big, clean bright fruit nose; dry but not austere, crisp fruit, with a long yeasty finish.

91 pts. : November 15, 1998

If you like very dry, toasty, full-bodied Champagnes, Bollinger’s Special Cuvée (nonvintage) is for you. It has a deep gold color, with Bollinger’s classic yeasty, honeyed aromas and flavors. Rich yet austere, it is a perfect accompaniment to chicken with mushrooms or grilled quail.

91 pts. : December 1, 2006

The tiny bubbles and fineness of the mousse set the bar at sophisticated heights, and even the sheer mass of the wine doesn’t knock it down. Special Cuvée is infused with elegance. The subtle scent of pressed flowers, the structural impression of fossilized shellfish shells, the lasting, potent red fruit of pinot noir — all of it comes together in a harmonious, lasting pleasure.

91 pts. : October 31, 2002

A combination of freshness and maturity highlight this medium-bodied bubbly. The flavors evoke toast, nuts and citrus, while the vivid acidity keeps it all focused. Drink now through 2004.

91 pts. : Nov/Dec 2002

Deep aromas of ginger, toffee, butter and nutskin; reminded me of a maturing white Burgundy. Full-bodied and intense, with flavors of toasted bread, spiced apple, baked pear and nutskin. Sappy, deep and strong in extract; this has impressive palate presence. Finishes with excellent subtle persistence. A particularly harmonious bottle of Bollinger, and a perfect dinner table Champagne.

91 pts. : January 15, 1999

What a lineup from Bollinger this year. Its vintage Champagnes rate higher, but this non-vintage cuvée takes the prize for availability at an affordable price.

91 pts. : December 15, 1998

A satisfying, rich and flavorful brut in a nicely balanced package. It combines bright, fresh fruit flavors with mellow toast and vanilla accents from aging, is smooth in texture, vibrant in balance and long on the finish. Drink now through 2000.

91 pts.: December 1, 2007

Scents of apple blossoms and cream set this on a bright white line of flavor, subtly rich, brisk and refreshing. It’s unfettered by any earthiness but chalk. A great release of Special Cuvée: Bollinger in top form.

91 pts. : November 15, 2008

There’s a slight grain to the texture and this bubbly is all the better for it, lending a pleasing assertiveness to the peach, candied citrus, spice and graphite notes. It’s all backed by a firm acidity and a chalky finish. Drink now through 2010.

90 pts.: 31st Dec 2008

The NV Brut Special Cuvée opens with elegant, well-delineated aromas of honey, brioche, roasted nuts, orange zest, flowers and peaches, of which appear on the palate in a classy, finessed expression of the house style. This is an especially refined and delicious NV Champagne. The Special Cuvée is roughly 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Meunier (2004, 2003) sourced from a variety of vineyards. Bollinger adds 5–10% of reserve wines (in this case from 1995 and 1996, aged in magnums) which gives this offering its lovely complexity. The dosage is 7–9 grams per liter. This is Lot: 807704, disgorged towards the end of 2007. Anticipated maturity: 2008–2012.

90 pts. : November 30, 2006

Compact and yeasty, this bubbly evokes bread dough and grapefruit flavors backed by verve and a chalky texture. It has a fine mousse and a lingering finish. Drink now through 2010.

90 pts.: December 1, 2013

At every turn of flavor, barrel-fermented base wines add opulence to this Champagne with scents of apple wood, ginger and mustard seed balancing the youthful fruit. The flavors buzz with acidity and richness, a contrast of green apple with broader notes of baked apple; the texture is creamy, the finish completely clean. The wine’s structure is substantial enough to serve with sliced, seared beef filet at a holiday party.

90 pts. : October 31, 2001

Starts out lean and focused, displaying citrus, mineral and yeast nuances. It expands on the palate, showing depth and length, with an aftertaste of hazelnut. Drink now.

90 pts. : December 1, 2001

This latest release of Special Cuveé holds closely to the house style. The bold, brisk and staid first taste may transport you to an oak-paneled men’s club. It’s all of a piece. sweet and gamey with a hard, sharp acidity, taut with exceptional effervescence. A robust aperitif.

90 pts. : December 1, 2009

This brisk and savory wine has the smooth creaminess of lemon curd lightened by lime zest and white flowers. It feels rich rather then weighty, the bubbles lifting the flavors like a mist rising off limestone. Delicious with anything saline, whether cherrystones or Kumamotos.

90 pts. : December 1, 2005

Jacques Joseph Bollinger was one of the first vintners to bottle dry Champagnes when he founded his firm in 1829. That style was retained as the house was passed down through the generation; today, it’s run by Ghislain Montgolfier, Bollinger’s great grandson. Pinot noir is a defining aspect of these wines, as is oak, which enriches them, dressing their substantial size in style, what Peter Liem described as “a ballplayer in a good suit.” Super rich and gently powerful, Bollinger’s current release of Special Cuvee is a grand non-vintage Brut. The aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle contrast spicy and broad flavors, full enough for roast sweetbreads.

90 pts. : September 15, 1999

A mellow gold-amber color and ripe, generous peach, honey and fig flavors indicate this French bubbly is wonderfully mature. Ample and enjoyable, it shows great balance and a long finish. Drink now.

90 pts. : December 1, 2002

A big, brash wine, this earns its sophistication with a contrast of red fruits, mineral salinity and Meyer lemon bitterness. This is smoky and firm, following a crisp line. This is a great wine for fish, whether a salmon mousse or a sea bass baked in a salt crust.

88 pts.: Nov/Dec 2005

Light gold color with a strong mousse. Classic Bollinger aromas of poached pear, caramel apple and toasted bread, lifted by a bright hint of lime. Full and rich on the palate, held up by good acids. The notes of apple, pear and toast repeat in the mouth. Finishes with flavors of singed apples and pears.

88 pts. : April 1, 2001

Medium straw hue. Toasty, dried apple aromas show hints of roasted coffee. Rich on the attack with a moderately full body and plenty of fruit on the mid-palate. The finish has great length. A good example of the Bollinger style with some pleasing oxidized notes plainly evident.

88 pts. : December 15, 2009

Medium-bodied and rich, showing honey, bread dough and apple flavors, backed by a firm structure. Leaves a mouthwatering impression. Drink now. Tasted twice, with consistent notes.

88 pts. : December 15, 2005

Good character here, showing malt, bread dough, citrus and mineral flavors matched to a lightweight, vibrant frame. It has moderate intensity and a lingering finish. Drink now.

86 pts. : December 15, 1997

Deep golden appearance. Moderately full-bodied. Highly extracted. Yeast, pear, minerals. Ripe pear aromas have some Manzanilla-like accents. The palate shows a rich weighty mouthfeel with broad, soft fruity flavors. The finish does not show great authority.

86 pts. : December 15, 2003

Aromas that at first seem flowery turn a bit like soap and wheat with time. Apple, lime and slate flavors are oaky, but also a touch bland. This classic bubbly has decent feel, but the bubbles are rather aggressive as the wine turns foamy on the finish.

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Has a delightful creamy scent of spice and vanilla, with yeasty nuances. The rich, full, balanced, creamy flavors resemble the aromas and the finish is long — lovely.

: October 1, 2007

Rich, creamy, buttery, lush. Excellent for malo style.

: July 1, 2008

People think Champagne is a delicate start to a meal. But Bollinger is yeasty and brawny enough to pair with roast chicken or even steak.

: June 1, 2008

Bollinger’s collect of reserve wines allows them to make a non-vintage cuvée that has more depth, richness and complexity than most others. I’d serve it with fried chicken — those bubbles cut through the richness. Or with smoked salmon lox with a fresh bagel on a Sunday morning.

: July 1, 2006

Quite complex, developed palate, rich and textured, lovely finish. Up to 3 years.

: December 1, 2008

Bollinger’s nonvintage — broad-flavored and toasty — is a true classic.