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Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin Red Label

750 ml. | 92 proof


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750 ml.
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Cadenhead's Old Raj Dry Gin Red Label  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

96–100 pts.: 7/1/2001

The first nosing pass offers a mildly fruity/spicy scent that doesn’t speak of the elevated alcohol. Second and third sniffings see the development of biscuity, rich aromas of flavorers, orris root and angelica. The palate entry is sweet and fruity, featuring the juniper berries. The finish brings the citrus more into play as the sweetness of the entry and midpalate give way to a delightful tartness.

96–100 pts.: 2/1/2009

This is the lower-proof version of the classic Old Raj. Lovely, complex gin bouquet offers aromas of coriander, juniper, anise, orris root, ground pepper, lemon peel, lead pencil, earth and tree bark. Palate entry is creamy, fruity, spicy and minty; midpalate offers layers of botanical complexity over the core juniper taste. finishes with a wonderful rush of mint and baking spice. Fabulous.

89 pts.: 4/1/2012

At 46% alcohol by volume, the saffron-spiked red label version is strong (but not as strong as the overproof blue label version). This is an intriguing, old style of gin, with a faintly yellowish tinge and light, earthy flavors that wind into a complex, spicy finish marked by hints of black pepper, anise and cassia bark. Best when served very cold.

: 6/1/2008

Scour the Earth if you must, you’ll find no other dry gin like Cadenhead’s Old Raj, or one as pricey (around $65). This extraordinary 110-proof spirit is alembic-distilled and has an exotic botanical blend that includes the rare and expensive spice saffron. Saffron gives the gin an intriguing pale yellow tint and a sensational citrus and spice bouquet. Its palate is a collection of soft, dreamlike flavors that slowly fade into dry and luxurious finish.

: June, 2008

Focused, clear aromas and flavors of juniper, orange peel, and cardamom. Firm and structured with heat in the finish; not for the timid. Neat; martini.

: June 1, 2011

I know that you never ever see it and I know that it’s not fashionable because of the abv, but my goodness this is a delicious gin that deserves a wider audience. Pale straw color due to the inclusion of saffron. Smells of richness, flowers, orris root and angelica. Tastes sweet, fruity and juniper-like/piny. Finish brings more of the citrus into play. Comely, unique and delicious.

: May 31, 2011

The Gist:
Scour the earth if you must, but you’ll find no other gin like Old Raj. It’s pot-distilled with an exotic botanical mix that includes saffron. The rare spice imbues the gin with an intriguing flavor and yellow tint.

The Stats:
Origin: Scotland
Strength: 110 proof

Think while you drink:
The yellow hue comes from saffron.