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Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Aged 10 Years | 750 ml.


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Irish Whiskey
750 ml.
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Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey | Aged 10 Years  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

92 pts.: 3/1/2014

Though it’s a workhorse whiskey, it’s still full of surprises. The sweet, bright aromas of honey, vanilla and pear and the velvety feel belie the rich, bold salted-butterscotch umami on the palate.

90 pts. : May 31, 2011

Golden amber color. Wet clay, grain husk, and cocoa aromas with a soft, spry, dryish light-to medium body and a delicate pencil shaving, cream, hay and pepper accented finish. An excellent everyday tipple. Exceptional.

87 pts. : March 1, 2001

Brilliant golden amber color. Dried floral gooseberry, tea and chocolate aromas on the nose. Light bodied in the mouth with spice, tea, hay, peat and smoke. The finish is long and clean with a slight dryness.

85–89 pts. : July, 2004

The early stage aroma is fresh, malty, yeasty/beery and honey-like; further aeration stimulates intriguing notes of nougat, milk chocolate and oaky vanilla. Palate entry offers pleasantly fruity/grainy tastes that are off-dry. Ends up semi-sweet, candied and even a tad sherried.

85–89 pts. : July, 2004

Early-stage sniffings find delicate aromas of green vegetables, carnations and grain mash; further air contact brings up slightly sour notes of damp soil, glue and marshmallow. Exceedingly pleasant, grainy sweet and genial on the palate. Finishes cleanly.

84 pts. : May, 1997

Bright yellow with amber highlights. Moderately light bodied. Dried tropical fruits, salt, minerals. Pleasant with subtle sherry nose. Light and tangy on the palate with a compact warming finish.

: June 1, 2004

Owns a pale gold, unblemished appearance; the early-stage sniffings following the pour find gentle, delicate aromas of green vegetables, carnations and grain mash — six more minutes of air contact bring up slightly sour notes, of damp soil, glue and marshmallow; exceedingly pleasant, grainy sweet and genial at palate entry — at mid palate, there’s a rush of sweet maltiness/graininess that overrides all other flavor elements; finishes cleanly, uncomplicated and warmly in the throat.

: ,

Form the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, it has an aroma of barley grain and clean Sherry notes along with some oaky character and hints of age. Strong maltiness on the palate with chocolate and oak flavors and a finish with lingering hints of grain.

: March, 2007

Smooth from start to finish; harmonious with bright aromas and flavors; easy to drink.

: March, 2001

Pretty light amber tone, golden core highlights, superb purity; the fragrant nose is keenly malty and mashy, with backnotes of flowers and wet earth; in the mouth, it’s nicely balanced, a bit tart, and generous as well-defined flavors of yeast, dough, toasted barley, and lanolin keep the taste buds happy; the finish is medium-long and very smooth; an unassuming, polite dram.

: January 1, 1997

Mildly smokey nose; mellow smoked-butterscotch flavor; a light, smoky-sweet finish.