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Beefeater London Dry Gin

375 ml. | 94 proof


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375 ml.
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Beefeater London Dry Gin  NV / 375 ml.

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Published Reviews

94 pts.: 12/31/1999

A wonderful perfumed nose with juniper right out front and fragrant lavender notes in the backdrop. The crisp, bone-dry body shows a complex floral palate, high in juniper, with a hint of citrus. The finish, like the palate, is crisp, dry, clean and very long.

91 pts.: 4/1/2011

At first, this gin comes across as sweet, clean and mild, but it finishes with a pronounced spice box punch of juniper, cardamom and citrus. Note to mixologists: Thanks to the assertive finish, this gin would hold up in a cocktail with a lot of other flavors.

90–95 pts.: 7/1/2001

One of the classiest, lushest, roundest gin bouquets in existence. Spicy, fruity and amazingly focused. The aroma of juniper berry is immensely appealing. At palate entry, the stone dry, minerally flavor opens up, ultimately giving way to a midpalate taste of defined juniper berry. The medium-long aftertaste takes you home in a savory, off-dry manner. Stylish, downright succulent gin.

90–95 pts.: 4/1/2008

A textbook London Dry Gin bouquet; floral, earthy, spicy and crisp with dry notes of orange peel and black pepper all underpinned by the presence of juniper berry. The palate entry is sharp, crisp, dry and botanically balanced; at midpalate a burst of citrus juiciness counters the earthiness of the juniper and angelica root. Finishes with a wonderful rush of juniper.

90 pts.: 3/1/1996

Medium full body. Black licorice, flowers, minerals. Soft, smooth texture. Intense on the palate with strong, assertive flavors. Rich, long finish.

: June 1, 2007

Impeccably pure and silvery bright, almost pewter-like in appearance. In the initial whiffs, the juniper berry presence is perfectly supported by desert dry notes of dried orange peel and black pepper; following the usual seven-minute extended period of air contact, the bouquet turns floral and earthy, spicy and crisp, all the while never losing its juniper focus; a textbook London Dry Gin bouquet. The palate entry is sharp and crisp as a razor, lovely and balanced in its botanical usage and dry; at the mid-palate point, there’s a burst of citrus juiciness that counters the earthiness of the juniper and angelica root. Finishes in a compelling rush of sweetish juniper madness that I find incredibly attractive.

: January, 2001

Slightly muted aromas, with juniper berry and vanilla high notes. Deep, complex and smooth, with good texture and backbites of juniper, orange zest and coriander spice; medium-smooth finish, with a hint of anise.

: Jul/Aug 2006

First produced in 1820 by pharmacist James Burrough, Beefeater is still made according to the family-held recipe using the same time-honored production techniques. The gin immediately fills the mouth with layers of delicious flavors, notably citrus, juniper, lavender and spice. Beefeater has the well-deserved reputation as the driest of the London Dry Gins.

: September, 2006

Aromas of clean, strong juniper and firm on the palate with excellent structure in the mouth; juniper finish. The perfect martini gin.

: June 1, 1997

Pronounced juniper and citrus aroma, with tarragon, roses and geraniums. Some cedar, salt and coriander notes reminded tasters of Tequila. Smooth mouthfeel and length.

: 6/1/2008

One of the pillars of the British Empire, Beefeater London Dry Gin, is made in the same manner and according to the family-held recipe first devised in 1820. The renowned brand is exquisitely dry with a lavish floral, juniper and spicy bouquet, and a layered, long-lasting palate of citrus, lavender and pepper. Bottled at a lip-tingling 94-proof, Beefeater and the dry martini have been an item since Prohibition.

: June, 2008

Aromas of clean, strong juniper; firm on the palate with excellent structure in the mouth and a finish of juniper. The perfect martini gin.